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The concept of God isn’t farfetched.

Consider how our technological society is becoming faster.

Now we have quantum computers and artificial intelligence.
Scientists are planning to inhabit mars about twenty years from now.

Science once scoffed at the idea of prayer, seeing it as hocus-pocus or the useless practice of uneducated, powerless people.

They thought of wireless connectivity the same way, but it’s now becoming available worldwide. 5g technology is pushing its debut. So prayer isn’t so fantastic.

Communication with an unseen entity doesn’t sound implausible, or that we can transmit and receive with our built-in wet-ware device is not incredible.

The natural and supernatural prove to be closing the gap between each other.

The physical is the metaphor for the spiritual.


Everything happens with an unseen idea, whether making a chair, chewing on dinner, taking out the garbage, traveling to Mars, using silicon chips to talk to your significant other, or asserting that God is dead.

No matter.

The innate supernatural realm of the spirit is infinitely greater than our most advanced technology.

Everything depends on what we already have built into us.


Posted by on December 22, 2021 in commentary, Poetry, Spirituality