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Silly Rabbit

One hot summer night beneath a rabbit-eared moon, 
they walked hand in hand.  
They were engaged in candid thoughts, 
dreams and visions of life adjusted 
to the highest good of each. 

They sat on a River Run park bench
head to head, attuned to the speechless earth-songs
harmonizing in balance. 
Can anything be better than this? 
You seek me as I am unknown to even myself. 
I have seen minimal certainty, 
yet a child's intuition crows sure 
endorsed by a real summer moon. 

Romance is a lunatic I can't live without-- 
an appetite too overwhelming to resist 
sparkling pure and fresh 
from your moist, longing eyes. 

The gentleman above spoke in my sense, 
saying, "Why fear the heat of the night?" 
Maybe because I think it can consume me? 

But I do need the sweltering tropical fever 
seen in the lunar fullness 
aroused in us.


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Posted by on May 6, 2021 in Poetry


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How True

can I swallow my Vienna sausages
when Heinz is on my Hormel(?) or
a pasteurized prepared cheese product
Kraftworks my fat American ass(?)
can I Pepsi Max the night wide eying
when Reese's melts my dark
chocolate miniatures(?)
Pringles said I could, but
only Philly cheesesteak will salt me,
of course, I am an insomniac
another 3 in the morning daze
with an upside-down gaze,
watching starving limbs 
of Victoria-Secret whims 
they're flaunting satin slips,
swaying narcotic hips,
another Bud lite cracks--
a bouncy mechanical doll jests
a Maybelline advert intervenes 
how true, cries the clown
--we lust through machines

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Posted by on April 26, 2021 in Poetry


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