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Meet Cute

Our meet-cute was just poetry
you followed mine - and I, yours
we swapped numbers on MySpace
you texted me with an attachment,
a video of you in a black dress creating 
to Dido's "White Flag,"
your winsome playfulness
captivated mine.
Though you left this shuttle in 2016
but I am forever encountering you.


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Silly Rabbit

One hot summer night beneath a rabbit-eared moon, 
they walked hand in hand.  
They were engaged in candid thoughts, 
dreams and visions of life adjusted 
to the highest good of each. 

They sat on a River Run park bench
head to head, attuned to the speechless earth-songs
harmonizing in balance. 
Can anything be better than this? 
You seek me as I am unknown to even myself. 
I have seen minimal certainty, 
yet a child's intuition crows sure 
endorsed by a real summer moon. 

Romance is a lunatic I can't live without-- 
an appetite too overwhelming to resist 
sparkling pure and fresh 
from your moist, longing eyes. 

The gentleman above spoke in my sense, 
saying, "Why fear the heat of the night?" 
Maybe because I think it can consume me? 

But I do need the sweltering tropical fever 
seen in the lunar fullness 
aroused in us.


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The Price of Freedom

don't try to repress 
the mustangs of ocean swells
that crisscross the raging sea 

or herds of dappled stallion clouds
that run far-flung skies,

rather, sever all ties that restrain
a sunset's mutual passion
for love is the pinnacle of infinite freedom

yet, a bon voyage embarkment too 
a harrowing undertaking
skittish at best,

for even the bold of heart
intoxicated on the enigma of
being alive





© Brian Hodgkinson Jr. (aka) –Limericist 2007/2021

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You said, “Always treasure the forest.”
Because there we met in creation–
Our living energies united a nova burst
Devouring doubt and fear to cinders;
You took me up to a high place
You leaned over open space as to fall
I caught you with a pounding heart,
& through your vertigo, you wept,
“This is how I trust you.” But now,
I must let you go to the One
Who has gripped us above–
For we are forever wrapped
In an ocean of

–Limericist 2007

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A Certain Valentine

To My Valentine – VV

Our love is very patient
    we crave to share always
       & we are very confident
       we can make our ardor blaze
      when we show we are competent
     our desire becomes a craze
      our energy feels omnipotent
       we flex our passion plays–
        our mighty dance is fervent
         we imitate ballets
        & when our force is finally spent
       stretched on our backs, we gaze
      some think we indeed accent
     our boast with wild clichés,
    but with the fact, we are content
   our expertise to praise
    it is the precious present
     of our amazing nowadays


We haven’t been able to see each other in a year because of quarantine.

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At the Top


angel –who wings my sun
princess –whose equal is none
my heart –mingling my blood
grace –saves me from the flood
I wish you would stay with me a while
I would soothe the worry from your smile
frolic again in the forest of our dreams
play with you in cooling streams
there is a place only you and I know
hidden where children only can go
found our love there under a tree
danced and rollicked –together free
picking flowers –woven into our hair
kissing –made love, without a care
fantasy deceived us –lost our way
forgot innocence –of how to play
tumbling down –broke our crown
smiles turned ugly –an angry frown

once upon a time, the two shared a vision
but darkness confused with mocking derision
they were scared, both ran away
searching for others with whom to play

felt very lost, but cherished their day
when in an autumn meadow, learned to play
their intrigue no other could ever replace
found their pure souls in each other’s face
the gate, re-entered at the top of the wood
before each other –naked, they stood
their intimacy always ever the same
to imagine as beloved children
without any shame


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us: the blend of you and me,
borderless, became a tree–
a new sky saw us spiral up,
two trunks to share one root;
both were better loved as one.
pierced the clouds–
reached the sun.

shared the blue with fanning leaves
with every hue of vibrant green,
intertwined their wood embraced,
amorous branches interlaced. . .

many orbs both rose and fell–
the seasons adding rings,
never felt like they grew old;
their aging love was to behold;
us: a story to be told
in leaves of gilded gold.



Limericist 2007

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