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Life Is a Highway

Masses hasten for the likely road,
the sign reading, “--Your Own Way--”
lettered black on blue
leading direct into quicksand.
Some notice the bridging crossroad,
--a 180 from the sinkhole
The highway less traveled
over a descending dead-end 
--the highway
once crested 
with thorns.

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Posted by on November 19, 2021 in Poetry



Tickled Green

a little baby finger tickled
the large pot-belly,
but the heavy sleeper slept on,
out like a rock

the giggling tot
mischievously said, ‘again!’
wiggly-wormy fingers dug in,
but the loafer was idle,
simply a fat lump.

it’s well known, little kids don’t give up,
and indeed, not this little tyke
who thought the slumberer was playing,
pretending to ignore

with renewed resolve, the babe dug in,
claw-like, with all its strength,
hoping to get a rise,
but the stoic sleeper slept on

somehow, the child knew,
‘this is lug is dead, but I’m laughingly alive,’

jubilant, it pushed with all its life, shouting
‘get out of my way you dead lump!’

cracking through the granite boulder,
the giggler stretched out
new green fingers
to greet the sun.



© –Limericist 2007

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