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an African girl searches for her mother
she’s five– tied on her back, her brother
wanders the smoky streets, hungry
hides when rowdy black-booted men pass
they carry machetes and Russian AK-47s
amid wailing cries and sniping chatter
limbless bodies stare from bloated death
fishy-smelling sewage in pothole puddles
she stops to drink the rainbow-slicked water
giving a little to her fever-sick passenger
not far, the soldiers hold a shirtless man
smirking, they necklace him with a tire
crying on his knees, imploring for his life
they douse him with kerosene and lighter flicks
fiery screeches pierce the air
and they just laugh and laugh and laugh
from hiding, the girl watches in horror,
wondering, why?–
does anyone care?



© Brian Hodgkinson Jr. (aka) Limericist 2007

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Posted by on March 27, 2021 in Poetry


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Sifting Sands

hungry hourglass happens
human helplessness–
humanity hastes, hangs, hovering
between bottomless boundaries
bouncing, bobbing buoyantly
but back below
sands sift with shifting sorrows-
sunsets sink senile– so,
how do hating humans have hope?
temporal time turns turnips into topsoil–
topsoil into tar-pits,
a tale that is told
by battling bugs boasting
of being bold beings
above & beyond
the big-bang


© –Limericist NOW

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Posted by on March 7, 2021 in Poetry