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As Good Once as Ever Was

Our cat was named Kelly. She was
a tortoiseshell outdoor cat of the '60s
who lived on eight acres of an untamed rural
homestead. She was as wild as her environment.
She regularly fought with dogs, cats, and other vermin.

At about 14 years of age, she lost an eye. 
She was an old warrior that was hard to look
at. During her last years, her royal leadership over
her subjects seemed to wane. 
She rested during the days
basking in the sun, waiting for her final call.

One day, a cadre of chipmunks surrounded
her bedraggled reclining body.
She seemed to struggle
just to breathe. I felt sorry for her
as I saw the chippies taunt and mock
dancing around her spent frame.

I came back later. Kelly's cheeks were full,
and a sad tail-less victim was trapped under
one clawed paw. The remaining eye squinted
a feline smile at my naivety.

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Posted by on August 28, 2021 in Poetry