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Room -Haiku

The inn had no room
born with the farm animals--
Will you make him room?

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Withness -Haiku

Christmas is about
the elephant in the room
with everyone now

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Born in a Barn

What difference would it make if you really believed the story of Jesus being born in a donkey's feed box? 

What if his mother conceived him without a human father's seed? 

What if the architect of everything chose to enter the realm of time and space as a flesh and blood baby boy? 

What if he was born to flesh out the creator's love in the most demonstrative way possible? 

What if he came to be a blood sacrifice to take away the sins of the world - including yours? 

What if his death on Golgotha's cross-crowned hill was planned before planet earth even existed? 

What if he is your savior, your healer, and the only hope for all of humanity?  

What if the account concerning him isn't a fable or mere legend? 

What if that Christmas baby lying on the food box's straw grew up to overcome the grave - and he did this all for you?

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A Matter of Identity

a disguised person landed here 

we had no reason 
                             him to fear

saw us through a child's tear - 
enfleshed creator did appear 

a mundane traveler landed here 

our suspicions
pierced him with a spear

many turn him a deaf ear
try to make him disappear 

his name provokes some to jeer 
but hear this person 
                      risen here

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the message of faith
spoken through a person of faith
can transform any honest listener
into a person of faith
opening the floodgates of heaven for them
& empowering them also to spread
the good news, multiplying more people of faith
who believe
for themselves
that Messiah died for our, your, my sins
in fulfillment of the ancient texts
that he was interred into a chamber of rock
(being verified as totally dead)
& after three days, he rose from the tomb
as the greatest fulfillment of the scriptures
& now he is alive and well on planet earth
channeling himself through every single person
of his faith



The Meaning of Christmas

That Christmas night
the right hand of the Lord 
was revealed as a character of trouble,
(the authorities even hunted him as a baby)
rejected, overlooked, hated,
mocked, bullied, & blamed.

The virgin bore a child
born to die as a scapegoat,
to carry all the curses
of all peoples,
He absorbed the consequences of
all evil, sin, transgression, iniquity,
sickness and death.

He did all of this for all of us.
He did this for you.

By whose once-shredded flesh
healing now flows
to all who are willing
look upon him (who loved us
& gave himself for us)
& live.

The sacrificial lamb foretold;
foreshadowed by the ancient ceremonies,
both substitute & surety, 
humanity's representative,
surrogate & proxy.

The punishment that brought peace,
fell on him who tasted death
for every single person who 
ever existed, exists, or will exist
& settled once and for all
the blood debt owed by
the entire human race
Stake your claim
for the benefits accrued
by what he did for you-
because the transaction 
is already accomplished,
unrepeatable, done, paid for.
and this is proven by the fact 
that he rose up
as the prevailing master
of the universe.

Own him as the most incredible gift
life has to offer, and he
will own you as his friend,
child, and coworker.




When the clouds open
Oh, what a day that will be
when sight rewards faith

but his children know his name
every knee shall bow

The lamb took our place
the alpha and omega
the blood atonement

Death was defeated
The empty tomb testifies
He rose from the grave

Believe and receive
respond to the Christmas child
the gift awaits you

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