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A Boy on the Shore

a boy on the shore 
traumatized by an evening sight
of the swellings, looming and ugly 
--frozen by the scene
of a thousand giants menacing 
waved their welcome to the abyss
which rose and dove as Hades 
with routine desolation

twisted above 
in the swirling cloudy height,
a monstrous face 
on an approaching night,
its madcap roar 
ordered the dark behemoths below,
in sync with the deep
heaving with spite,
its grotesque expression
snarling with glee

in the morning, he walked
on the shell-strewn beach
slow-rolling colossal mountains
all danced a blue peace
and sounded the mist
shiny pods lay twinkling
on the treasure-laden sand
lifted from the night beast
polished and painted sparkling,
the child greeted each

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Posted by on April 29, 2021 in Poetry


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