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Watching Over

An angelic child looks on with chubby cheeks
cupped in its hands. A picture on a stationary box
fished out of the trash. They're everywhere.
The stained glass seraph hovers above the window too.
It doesn't say much. A wish was directed to it once
but denied. At least, that's what it seemed. One October,
two writers united under its pearly wings, but their flow
was halted. It was protective --but a little too
overbearing? I don't think so. Its silence is my rock.

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Posted by on July 14, 2021 in Poetry



Angelic Relief

returning home by a back alley street
thronged with bustling activity
to my hostel, where fat crows loudly eat
a busy night for religious festivity

a draped body was on the sidewalk near the road
stretched out in garbage and pieces of rot
its stink was appalling, but my steps slowed
for pity welled up, putting my stomach in a knot

passed by this scene for 7 days
on the corner where baby coconuts sell
a skeleton-like body hid under a sheet, lays
weathering the harsh sun and monsoon gale
daily, the smell grew worse as a corpse's decay

determined one night to take a look
gagging, I pulled the sheet down to see
it made me vomit; dark horror overtook
it's alive, but just a skull with eyes bugging out
a rat-eaten, emaciated woman waited to die
I prayed for her, though my faith was in doubt

went straight to my room and started to cry
prayed to God for her to pass that very night
so she'd be released from earth's agony
couldn't sleep a wink from that gruesome sight
wanted her suffering to end, for her to be free

early I was dressed and went out for a walk
afraid to see what my prayer may have wrought
indeed, the phenom I saw made me gawk
she looked well, 
with clothes and food, someone brought

I pinched myself, wiping my eyes to be sure
she looked over herself in mute disbelief
still don't know how this could've ever occurred
I can only guess ... angelic relief

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Posted by on April 11, 2021 in Poetry


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