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By George!

A confederacy of the crème de la crème
sporting a smug elite mindset has banded together,
weaponizing deflection, distraction
censorship and panic 
gagging all who would differ from them
Setting themselves up as essential world-changers
with a utopian one-world agenda
they demand others agree with them, or else suffer
the consequences.
They pretend to have a global conscience
and are entrusted with the best interests of the world
while using fascist means to accomplish
their supposedly virtuous ends, but you can't
use the devil's matches to light the cannons
of goodness. The ends never justify the means
like burning down cities with so-called peaceful protests
that loot businesses and kill people supposedly
to show that some people matter? --
That doesn't work because two wrongs 
can never make a right but only drum up more hatred.
Meanwhile, paid rabble-rousers foment mischief and violence
& the activist media journalists polarize
on purpose with watered-down propaganda
and agenda-selective anecdotes
while telling leaky lies and misinformation--
and when they get caught, use the ploy of plausible
deniability or pretend we forgot what they
blazoned only a few months before.

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