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Sickle Maker

When anyone claims to be the voice
of a god, or science, or the senate --
and even says they are the embodied
representation of whatever they claim to be. 
They are liars.
But be sure they are full of it.
And full of themselves too.
They are as twisted as a pig's tail
They are as crooked as a dog's hind leg.
They are claiming a right
to step on your head. 
A true professional
will temper their skill and knowledge
with humility. The etymology of the word
"Doctor" is "teacher," not your highness.
Hubris is never in good form.
"Pride goeth before ...." 

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Always Apropos Haiku

Anger is danger
burning those who embrace it.
Quench it with kindness.

*Inspired by Jesus and Buddha

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Metabolically Screwed non-Poetry

Big business paid off scientists 
who skewed data about harmful substances.
Remember when people were told cigarettes are safe?
Look backwards 60 years.
It took several decades to expose the tobacco
magnates who funded scientists to support their 
carcinogenic product.

Consider also the lie that dietary fat is more obesigenic
than refined sugar and carbohydrate. This infernal lie is still passed
off by those who call themselves experts but refuse to take
the time to dig deeper, still clinging to the convenient dogma
they inherited. Meanwhile, 4 in 10 are now obese with 75%
of the population being insulin resistance with
prediabetes and a fatty liver - this is happening
in supposedly the most developed country in the world. 

is a far more pandemic than covid, yet old lies
still find die-hard adherents among the willfully ignorant
pseudo-scientific community who spike the science.

Woke yet?

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Greybeard’s Rant

I’ve finally gotten to the point
where I don’t care what they say.
The so-called beneficial demands authorities make —
what I must do. When I was eighteen, said
I must go to war for my country. I was to be fodder
for the failed cause of someone else, which would
only serve to change me into a monster or back to dirt.
The invisible tyrant said we needed to cut all fats
then formulated margarine only to find later
that their creation was poisonous trans fats.
Then they replaced sugar with high fructose corn syrup
made in a laboratory for lab rats –but good for business
enhancing obesity much more–
Almost everything the experts tout is wrong–
over and over again, wrong. I have lived
through about ten presidents and have watched
the carnage and corruption of a selfish society.
Even our resistance movements are
destructive and wrong-headed. They exude
the negativity of knee-jerk reactions to the other
negatives only to blossom with more of the same.
History replicates itself by the law of attraction.


So Says the Preacher

Gandhi didn't advocate punitive resistance, nor
did King --or Mandela. But Che did, his clothes stained
with blood. Yet, celebrity t-shirts laud him. 
Their thinking is that the ends justify the means.

The bloody mass graves of Lenin and Stalin cry out.
A movement of media intolerance was
behind the Holocaust.

History repeats itself when
we stop paying attention. Mayhem triumphs
when good people look the other way. 

Can you imagine how dangerous it was
for Bonhoeffer to rail against Hitler
over the radio? 
Or Polycarp to contradict Caesar
to his face? Their fame is more indelible
than any viral TikTok, YouTube, or whatever.

There is a time for everything under
the sun --so says the Preacher. 
Bards who water down their flow
are tepid blowhards.
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Treasure solitude in the profound dales of the heart
Be jealous of such times - no genuine need to regret
There indeed discover a deep well of a creative outlet.
Pay attention & faithfully report.

In the continuous rounds of routine daily task,
there is a sacred place within to persistently ask.
The sparkling river of life - invigorating flow
sounding above everything below.