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The Cut

She was thirty-three 
with long feathery black and red-dyed hair
rail-thin with a long nose
my hairstylist 
used to be called a barber

often, you get a five-minute quicky
astounded why it now costs twenty bucks
tip not included 

- but
she took her time
talked about her five kids - clip clip snip
her mom isn't exasperated by her anymore - comb clip
or her two-month separation
from a second husband with issues - clip snip clip
her ulcerative colitis

she eats and goes often - faster snips
(the excessive combing is scraping my scalp to shreds)
she passed out at work last week
not sleeping and eating tons of ramen noodles - comb comb
snip clip snip - sniff

Now I'm as old as dirt - 
probably older than her father
but worked up the pluck to offer her my number
she refused it politely -- 

thanked me for the compliment
(the noise of my head being vacuumed)
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A Choice

25 years ago, a dear friend was shot in the head by his 17-year-old son. Our family has known the boy since he was a baby. He was a good boy who did a terrible thing in a moment of rage. The question begs an answer: why would a loving, omnipotent God permit such a ghastly evil event? This Gordian-knot question has often been used to justify atheism. Why would God let dozens of innocent bystanders at a concert be mowed down by an evil shooter from a casino hotel window? Why would God allow millions of Jews to be exterminated by Hitler? Why would God allow American soldiers to harass and torture prisoners at Abu Graib?

The question reverberates into countless atrocities that seem to discredit the existence of a loving God. Yet, those who ask this question have already become judges and jury against God. Their bitterness against God is often evident by their vitriolic words. Their emotional reaction actually proves that they believe there is a god. If they only thought God was a fairy tale, it wouldn’t make any sense to be emotional about their unbelief and denial of God’s existence. When God designed humans, God gave them god-like powers to be used with God’s purpose. The human race, as a whole, deserted God, but the god-like capacity of choice remained with each individual. So humans have immense power for good or evil. The acts of humans against humans are something God cannot interfere with because of God’s design. It breaks God’s heart to witness the atrocities people can perform against one another. But keep in mind that this god-like capacity of choice may also be used for tremendous good. And in the end, good triumphs over evil.



The Meaning of Christmas

That Christmas night
the right hand of the Lord 
was revealed as a character of trouble,
(the authorities even hunted him as a baby)
rejected, overlooked, hated,
mocked, bullied, & blamed.

The virgin bore a child
born to die as a scapegoat,
to carry all the curses
of all peoples,
He absorbed the consequences of
all evil, sin, transgression, iniquity,
sickness and death.

He did all of this for all of us.
He did this for you.

By whose once-shredded flesh
healing now flows
to all who are willing
look upon him (who loved us
& gave himself for us)
& live.

The sacrificial lamb foretold;
foreshadowed by the ancient ceremonies,
both substitute & surety, 
humanity's representative,
surrogate & proxy.

The punishment that brought peace,
fell on him who tasted death
for every single person who 
ever existed, exists, or will exist
& settled once and for all
the blood debt owed by
the entire human race
Stake your claim
for the benefits accrued
by what he did for you-
because the transaction 
is already accomplished,
unrepeatable, done, paid for.
and this is proven by the fact 
that he rose up
as the prevailing master
of the universe.

Own him as the most incredible gift
life has to offer, and he
will own you as his friend,
child, and coworker.