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An eaglet was an earthbound orphan
because the nestling did not find its wings
& spun awkwardly to the ground.
Now the apex predator was the hunted
& a snuffling bear was near.
However, an old crone found the baby
eagle. She lived in the forest as a hermit.
She tended it until, one day, the young eagle
took off.
As it soared away,
it could spot her loving tears.
The eagle was full of gratitude
for the caring old forest hag.

In a nearby kingdom, a foretold child
was born that an evil dragon-sorcerer
was obsessed with killing.
Prophesy had said that this child
would end the dragon-sorcerer’s
reign of black magic over the kingdom
and set up a new domain of mercy
and justice.

So, the child’s caregivers hid
in the forest with the child.
But the sorcerer’s minions
found and killed them,
nevertheless, the child was unharmed.
The evil sorcerer would
stop at nothing to find
and destroy the babe.

One day, the eagle was hunting
when its keen eye caught sight
of something at the edge of the forest;
a moving bundle under a ledge.

Flying down to investigate,
it heard the baby whimpering.
Recalling the kindness of the crone,
the eagle decided to tend to the child.
It built a sizeable warm nest
insulating the child from the elements.

Then, the eagle revisited the crone
and directed her to the child.
The eagle and crone became
the child’s surrogate parents to provide
and protect it from
the sorcerer’s intrigues.

The dragon-sorcerer regularly scoured
the forest but could not find the child.
His minions also tortured
and interrogated villagers
for any information about the child’s
But they were no match
for the keen senses of the eagle
who observed the sorcerer’s actions.

Later, the forest tiger and bear found out
that the eagle and crone
were harboring the child in the forest.
They threatened to tell
the dragon-sorcerer unless
the eagle gave
them the child to eat.

The tiger, bear, dragon, sorcerer,
and crone failed to understand
that the child
orchestrated everything.
The child’s overruling power
didn’t mean they were its puppets.
The baby was just always a step ahead
of every decision made regarding it.
Those who intended good
toward the child were blessed. Those
who intended evil toward it
succeeded only
to curse themselves.

© –Brian Hodgkinson 2021


Hodgkinson’s Uncommon Sense Maxims

“It is more trouble to make a maxim than it is to do right.” –Mark Twain

All means of contact
cannot mend a broken relationship
until we restore connection within.

All alienation from others
begins as estrangement
from certain aspects of ourselves.

All ties to others are a projection
of our relation to ourselves.

To love our neighbor
as ourself presupposes that
we love ourselves.

Love our neighbors as if
they are us.
“Treat others as we would want
others to behave toward us.”
Why? There is no other
way to love ourselves genuinely.

To “love God with all our heart,
soul, mind, and strength” is
to gift ourselves
with the highest honor.

Because who are we
if not, first of all,
a representation of the Creator?
Therefore, to honor our Source
is to honor ourselves.

–Limericist 2008


Haiku #8 2021


A floating seagull
rests in the immense ocean–
realizing God



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Seven Breaths

GOD is the spirit of love and light.
GOD IS the spirit of love and light.
GOD IS THE spirit of love and light.
GOD IS THE SPIRIT of love and light.
GOD IS THE SPIRIT OF love and light.



Limericist 2021



The Christmas-Easter Tree

Who was Unborn,
was born ..

Who was up,
came down ..

Who hung the stars,
Hung on a Tree ..

Who tasted death,
Rose ..

Who was entombed,
Enthroned ..

Now ..

Who were losers,
Blessed ..

Who were dead,
Live ..

What was winter,
Spring ..

Who were tied,
Loosed ..

Who were blind,
See ..

Who were hopeless,
Frolic ..

Who were guilty,
Justified ..

Who were weak,
Powerful ..

Who were empty,
Filled ..

All by the act of One,
which no empty philosophy,
of humankind, or demon,
can reverse.

Unwrap the Gift
The Christmas-Easter

Limericist, 2007


Floods of Spiritual Joy

I came across this poem written by Charles H. Spurgeon (1890). It describes how the Spirit of God overwhelms a person who puts their trust in Jesus. It is a song of degrees, and builds as it goes. So is the spiritual life of intimacy with God.

All my soul was dry and dead
Till I learned that Jesus bled;
Bled and suffered in my place,
bearing sin in matchless grace.

Then a drop of Heavenly love
Fell upon me from above,
And by secret mystic art
Reached the center of my heart.

Glad the story I recount,
Lo that drop became a fount,
Bubbled up a living well,
Made my heart begin to swell.

All within my soul was praise,
Praise increasing all my days;
Praise which could not silent be:
Floods were struggling to be free.

More and more the waters grew,
Open wide the flood-gates flew,
leaping forth in streams of song,
Flowed my happy life along.

Lo! A river clear and sweet
Laved my glad, obedient feet!
Soon it rose up to my knees,
And I praised and prayed with ease.

Now my soul in praises swims.
Bathes in songs, and psalms, and hymns;
Plunges down into the deeps,
all her powers in worship steeps.

Hallelujah! O my Lord,
Torrents from my soul are poured!
I am carried clean away.
Praising, praising all the day.

In an ocean of delight
Praising God with all my might,
Self is drowned, so let it be
Only Christ remains to me

C.H Spurgeon, 1890