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Treasure solitude in the profound dales of the heart
Be jealous of such times - no genuine need to regret
There indeed discover a deep well of a creative outlet.
Pay attention & faithfully report.

In the continuous rounds of routine daily task,
there is a sacred place within to persistently ask.
The sparkling river of life - invigorating flow
sounding above everything below.

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the jack-in-the-box thunder-clap
ever pops at the inappropriate time.
Unfair, the searing pain, the shrill scream of abject terror,
dreams disintegrate in a relentless rain of tinkling glass.

Each shard becomes a razor-edged missile, surgical
in the violent hands of butchering circumstances.
There are no familiar words for this overwhelming fear.

Gulping for air as the official countdown begins,
Brutally crushed by the tyranny of urgent need.
Impossible solutions are desperate, all needed yesterday.

And finally, when the excessive bleeding staunches,
the clap sounds again louder & more demanding;
and for those who neglect to pray, terror

is their terrible food. Yet, for those who do, and
cry out, a dread reminder that we always
imagine that we're equipped.

Falsely, we suppose --guess, --think,
--we feel --presume,
until ------- the clown pops.

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Poetic Arse

We are all tired of the same clap-trap 
therefore, believe clouds 
are the cheeks of cherubs
bending over a moon, 
And want to see
or just
fishnetted legs tied 
round-the-ears crock, 
and I'll hawk synonyms into
the cheesy stretched-out whole
of that presumptuous verse.
Such "poetry" is electrodes
jabbed under a Vader cap;
a rigor-mortis jump
then limp crash.

A composition should not be
full of tedious, trite, tired, modifiers,
but a wrecking-crew 
of lateral cruelty. 

And remember: 
are all

"A poem should not mean," 
but be the quantum space 
between two bent clouds
igniting all substance

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She is a crone, 
a flowing vapor,
an invisible river--
Too fast? Too slow?
What she is? I don't know.

...but I'm caught in her tow
and must go with the change
perpetually to grow in age
sands through a glass
either gold dust or waste

A tree of possibility
her leaves transform seasonally
to fertilize the hope of summer dreams

A personal providence?
Or a bad joke of chance?
Directed? or drifting?
Does she emanate from living?
Or life from her?

She calls me to decide
if I will ride or hide
...One thing is for sure,


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My ass is getting dirty with the black soil I'm now seated on, and I don't care because I found the portal to the path that I discovered last night. I had to see if it would have the identical enchantment in the morning as it did when I danced under the moonbeams and became one with the evening shadows--

About 9:30AM, I set out and readily found the path – it's an old Amish buggy path, a series of shortcuts, so the Amish do not have to take the main roads all the time. The funny thing is that they seem to prefer the main roads, and the path is almost unused.

As I entered the path's first stretch, I was again struck by a sense of being totally alone. This was delicious, and my pace quickened with excitement, though my bones ached a bit from the night before –

Growing things look so different outside of the cement enclosures of human contrivance. Wild Queen-Anne's-Lace, Buttercups, Sumac, Daisies, & Thistles were in abundance. I'm sad to say that I can't classify a wide variety of beautiful ornaments – what a magnificent study I have ahead.

My aching joints loosened up, and my eyes began to focus on my surroundings
- And it wasn't, at first, quite as impressive as my first discovery last night, but maybe more so - just differently and uniquely: no stream we cross is ever the same the next time.

One similar thing, though, was my sense of being free and alone--
I tried to distinguish the things I had seen the night before and saw the wall of trees that had reminded me of an ancient castle in the moonlight. A path branched off and led into the trees and I decided to explore it.

As I entered the densely wooded area, I crossed a small ravine jumping across a few smooth stones that surfaced like turtle shells. I noticed that many of the trees were conjoined at their bases like Siamese twins - I tried to sit in the fork of two big trunks but my ass was a bit too big from sitting at a computer too long. 

Then I scouted and found that I was on the edge of a large cornfield, so, like one of the disciples of Jesus on the Sabbath day, I plucked an ear of corn for my breakfast. The sweetness of my stolen feast is hard to describe - it wasn't so much the taste but the action of a free person that gave it a heady flavor.

I remembered growing up on 8 acres of forested land, and when I would hike with my dad, we would always make a walking staff from fallen trees. So I found a nice big stick which I mean to keep as a souvenir - I want to shellac it and make it a token of the magic I feel in this forest.

Now, as I write this on my old palm keyboard, I am sitting on a black mud hill in the shade just off the side of the path - mosquitoes are eating me, but I don't care - a buggy passed by and didn't see me – I feel mischievous in my anonymity-- 
Hiding here awakens the old feeling of an untamed youth - basic humanity that I'm glad to experience again-

On the way back, I noticed litter on the side of the path – McDonald's wrappers and cups was being thrown out of the buggies. The garbage was a sign of intruders to me. So I will take a plastic bag and clean it up on one of my forays. 

Walking back was hot as the relentless sun beat on me, but, all of a sudden, I was met by a fluttering Monarch butterfly. It followed me for a while, and we greeted each other with the respect that royalty should be afforded. Three thistles are now hung on my bulletin board, and an ugly walking stick stands on the side of my door, calling me to new adventures. 

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Moons fall 
from a sky flashing diamond flowers
whispers of December's secret chamber: 

neither frown nor easy smile, 
yet connect to a wink as fingers dance across the ivory, 
to kindle the inner key-- tingling the skin instrumental 

Waves the attention of worshipers to stand; 
back of the neck, down the arms, hands touch, 
move, discern, travel capped mountains & slippery crevasses-- 
explore in search of you, & me--

edges align to give passage  
of December evenings, tracing our ice-angel selves 
now, when a tree could smile into thee, 
Feel-- from your eyes 
those dark moons fall 

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The Art of the Poem

I poem, therefore, I am.  		  
I believe in magical thinking
because I am a poetic vibration.
All I perceive and all I am were spoken 
a part of the poetry of the One 

Creation is the poem of the Creator--
whose workmanship we call math or science.
Still, everything is poetry - 
in symmetry or asymmetry, 
and it doesn't matter to poetic matter. 

I am-- because the One is the I AM. 
--now, the One-Presence is- 
we are crafted into the One NOW. 
(you are reading this presently), 

and it's immediately yours, mine, 
ours with Creator: 
the deep spell of the One--

who spoke its flow into lions, tigers, and bears 
people, plants, and planets 
galaxies dancing their milky time with Pegasus -

Orion said to himself, 'Draw my sword.' 
in meter with the One, 
the speaking Person: 
the Poem.

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Lost and Found

Not accepting your absence
I can virtually recognize you

The vision builds, peaks, signs a complete revolution
awake awake

we were off the vine,
the home where we built together
beside our mused current, a cherished place

some times were better than others
but I am always halfway to you
pursuing after our mirrored shadows
living with a revenant

seeking trails of endless day
these cannot destroy us
but can almost realize a face

if only you grasped what the lost ring did--

the rivers do flow beyond this crescendo
to find more sunrise, contemplating aloud
on the last person, the fountain

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Will you ever love the one behind your eye?
Promote your own voice? 
Decide to restrain imitation?

Write the drops of the day, 
Recall your trashed diaries.

Drifting in every direction
we flower, the ranges call-- permit the beach,
the earth, the islands.

Find the nature of sunshine, 
not its reverberation--
for we evaporate like the morning

While dreaming the faraway road.
Do you feel blighted?

Tailgaters in a slow-motion hunt
Wander in a fog --time-bombs

Starry lamps light a lifetime or more
petty people of the cheesy moon
their flaw is a shelter

Wishing into the sky again
a necessary fact of life


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Love’s Masterpiece

She softly whispers,
while the fragrance is in the air,
the touch of her fingertips 
running through his hair

She aches with a hunger,
like a lioness in heat--
drinking her sire's strength
linked, they feel complete

Fueling love's masterpiece,
an ultimate fantasy--
synchronizing each breath 
into consuming ecstasy

Their forces inflaming,
tongues of fire dance--
their cries, each other naming,
pleasures to enhance

Body to body-- swaying
smooth rhythms alternate--
the serpent-power playing,
a rising star create

The hours melt into a sweat;
give off an erotic perfume
glistening their desert wet--
groans filling the room

Up and down valleys glide,
their longing unabated--
interdependent, riding
adjusted, & conjugated

Reaching the summit together
in mutual satisfaction,
then landing --as a feather;
one unified contraction--

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