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Haiku Haiku

to write a haiku
go to the forest and sit
do not write nothing
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The True Soil

fruitful are persons
like trees rooted in wet earth
draw from the true soil

drink from the rivers
near the Euphrates and Tigris
those that are written

the life of the vine
is seen by clusters of grapes
so it is with you

.03 8/6
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Morning Shout Haiku

the floor mat shouts 'blessed'
sit on bed eyes ears mind wakes
the body subscribes

1.9 5/4
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Martian Hoedown

the perigee moon
giant red like face of mars
still before the storm

september o one
the blood of three thousand crashed
with two skyscrapers

mars, the god of war
now gallops close to the earth
a new era starts

wars and rumors of
nuclear & chemical war
toads & snakes goose-step

martians holiday
all inhabitants of earth
must pay the fiddler

2.3 9/6
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Mountain Roulette

a winter mountain
wind squalling thru the Rockies
radio from tent

at nine thousand feet
thin oxygen dizziness
frostbitten fingers

sense of grogginess
a warm flush floods the body
blizzard burial

helicopter sound
strap to the aerial litter
back home - plan a climb

3.1 10/7
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Drunk from the Dipper

midnight pours the star
in the hole of the dew drop
silent reflection

on the blades of grass
myriad mirrors of water
blink the stellar heights

a sitting thinker
chin on fist looks at the lawn
drinks from the dipper

3.1 8/5

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Walkway of the Stars — Haiku Bracelet

nuclear option
the Damocles sword aimed at
earth's blue & green neck

the heinous creature
threatens mother earth's future
finger on button

nuclear winter
anthropogenic forecast
the fires become ice

for the next world war
tipped warheads cross boundaries
total terracide

from a distant star
space travelers find a planet
barren and wasted

2.4 8/5
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Blue Planet – Haiku

the blue planet earth
yearly circuit of seasons
green red orange brown white

the earth is weeping
greenhouse effect is heating
the oceans rising

fouling their own nest
dogs and chickens have more sense
the earth’s defilers

humankind not kind
all the animals know this
those who still survive

the only danger
to mother earth and children
is man man man man

2.5 8/6

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Fail Unsafe –Haiku

the sound of failed words
like hail pounding the earth
melting to nothing

the lips and tongue move
white teeth clatter up and down
fruitless verbs come out

children bleed and die
civilians are targeted
leaders spin around

a red splashed earth weeps
the tectonic plates are peeved
judgment is warming

the occupants talk
about nuclear fall out
earth has the last word

2.8 7/4
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Spinning Haiku

a fine spun haiku
tied tight as a spider's thread
before the moth clothed

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