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Greybeard’s Rant

I’ve finally gotten to the point
where I don’t care what they say.
The so-called beneficial demands authorities make —
what I must do. When I was eighteen, said
I must go to war for my country. I was to be fodder
for the failed cause of someone else, which would
only serve to change me into a monster or back to dirt.
The invisible tyrant said we needed to cut all fats
then formulated margarine only to find later
that their creation was poisonous trans fats.
Then they replaced sugar with high fructose corn syrup
made in a laboratory for lab rats –but good for business
enhancing obesity much more–
Almost everything the experts tout is wrong–
over and over again, wrong. I have lived
through about ten presidents and have watched
the carnage and corruption of a selfish society.
Even our resistance movements are
destructive and wrong-headed. They exude
the negativity of knee-jerk reactions to the other
negatives only to blossom with more of the same.
History replicates itself by the law of attraction.



You Are a Masterpiece

Every one of us produces
at least one unparalleled masterpiece
in our lifetime,
but most of us never live long enough
to find out what it was.

–Limericist 2008

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Lessons from Chess

The game of chess teaches us
not to corner ourselves
behind pawns or immovable pieces.
Therefore, it takes a cool head,
a cigar-smoking Spassky,
a Kasparov,
or a Magnus,
who is willing to take a chance
to move beyond themselves.
Johnny-one-notes who think
they can always get away with
some rendition of the fool’s-mate
only ever trap themselves
in a real game.
On the other hand, those play-by-the-book types
will be trounced on occasion
by the 8-move mate
or forced to resign
by the Polish opening.
The unconventional will sometimes surprise
the over-conventional.
The smart alecks who try
to get away with being constantly outre
will never amount to being
more than wackos.
Like any game, boundaries demand respect,
and yet, they are there
for the breaking.
Flouting the rules never made a good player.
However, lockstep adherence
to agreed-upon patterns
makes any game a bore.
Computers are boring,
and so are one-trick-ponies.


Limericist 2008/2021

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