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Street Smarts

Entering a game without an exit strategy
is asking for a fool's mate. 

Painting a floor
without leaving an alternate way will corner
the painter. 

Even the most ordinary tasks
have an order and logic that puzzles
those who try them mindlessly & get caught
with their pants down. 

If a particular street
is known for a gang of hoodlums 
who waylay pedestrians,
don't go that way. 

Instead, be schooled by those
missing teeth and wallets 
or again wear the
dunce cap.

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Posted by on August 26, 2021 in Poetry




A watching squirrel holds
vertically to the trunk of a tree with tail curling down.
It doesn't move until we are almost next to it. 

Then stealths up
into the concealing foliage but still intently
observing from its semi-hidden seat.

Murphy sees too and points her snout as if to ask
"May I spring and catch it?" She assumes
I am such a killjoy.

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Posted by on August 25, 2021 in Poetry




The five gates have a substrate, which is
undervalued and hugely ignored. 
But what if we dig down into our bare perception?
Who is known if we are aware
of our own attention? 
If we can watch ourselves
from a third-person vantage point, who is watching?
The observed is who? 
Is there one or two into one --or more?
See how effortless it is to depreciate our real essence?
We take our existence for granted because it is.

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Posted by on August 24, 2021 in Poetry




After 38 billion elliptical miles, I realize
the watchcare over my life is circumspect.
Like the vibrating atmosphere surrounding the hummingbird, 
it swam through yesterday before my lagging eyes.
It had no frown on its metallic blue face while it
poked the Lady Baltimore one by one.

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Posted by on August 21, 2021 in Poetry



Face Off

The gradual discovery 

of who You truly are
is the supreme romance--

What You are beneath the molded crust
of artificial misrepresentations may
lie inert for decades. 

One day pops 
like a jack-in-the-box, 

there You are--- 
face to face with a stranger,

it dawns on you that the original 
is the real, 

and that 
you have unwittingly degraded 
into a faded simulation

of the authentic You.

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Posted by on August 20, 2021 in Poetry



Conflicts of Interest

Never try to address a problem
without first having a proposed
real-time solution that can satisfy
every contingency. 

I came upon two bodies who 
were in a somewhat
heated political debate. 

One was red in the face
with veins poking from their neck, 
shouting and spitting swearwords in a very
harsh manner. 

The other appeared cool, calm,
and collected, trying to answer genuinely
the rattled hothead who was rude
and unruly. 

Which one do you suppose
is more tethered to reality and fact?
Which one is probably more true
to their actual beliefs? Who appears
to be more confident? 

If a person builds a mental castle
or an empire of personal codes 
upon vacuous unworkable ideas,
it can only be spurious, at best;

Many will try
to bombastically defend their warmed-over delusions
in a way that
betrays a fundamental flaw they secretly
intuit but are trying their damnedest
to pretend isn't there.

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Posted by on August 16, 2021 in Poetry



Worth It

Nothing is something to eat
because the stomach & appetites are awry. Human
primates have fouled the nest of planet earth
and their physiology too. It's high time to
take out the garbage, to dump the trash.
The human species has a tremendous propensity
to misrepresent the truth if it feathers its cap.
Remember "Eating fat makes you fat"? Ha-
well, what about sugar? 40% obesity with
metabolic disorders affecting about 80%.
That's some lousy poetry right there. So,
hear this: Nothing is terrific to eat intermittently.
Cleanse the worldly palette. The knife and fork
will dig an early grave.

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Posted by on August 15, 2021 in Poetry




Two fat mice had a competition to see
which one could amass the most cheese.
They each had a box to put their cheese in
by stealing it from their human cat's-paws.
One had a blue box and the other red. Both were
sneaky and evil. One mouse broke the rules much
more than the other by cutting a deal with the house cat
to let it steal as much as it wanted
without resistance. Not only that, this sly
rodent installed a secret door in the red box
of its opponent by which it could steal
cheese directly from the other.

I guess all is fair in lovemaking and cheese. Right?
But then, when the cheating rodent with the blue box
having the most cheese boastingly declared
that this cheese competition
was the most honest in mouse
history - that takes the cake.

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Posted by on August 13, 2021 in Poetry



Spin Meisters

Big heads will not sufficiently answer the big questions.
A child will guide them. Wisdom resides with the simple.
Talking heads are just that. They point to problems
and even fabricate them from whole cloth
but never present any real solutions.
Half-truths are their empire. 
They spin their news around
and round, put you in the toilet, 
and flush you down. So terrified of
the rest of the story that they
will strongarm and censor those
who dare.

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Posted by on August 13, 2021 in Poetry




He swam the channel to find enrichment;
it was only a little over a kilometer across.
He saw the city, stores, and businesses
with opportunities for pleasure and prosperity.
He always imagined it would be easy just
to swim back to family and friends, where he began.

But one day noticed his old way had become
treacherous, overtaken by a rushing high water
roiling and boiling like a cauldron. He realized
with a sick feeling in his gut that to attempt
to swim back was certain death, also
the unruly waves had begun to sweep the big city
and businesses away so that all were fleeing--
so he looked at the flooded channel
and commenced.

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Posted by on August 12, 2021 in Poetry