Primordial Why

03 Jul
the tree asked the sky, why are
you so high? The sun asked the sky
why are you so blue?
The sky asked the tree
why are you so green?
The sun told the sky,
the blonde fiery stare
is why
By the lily pad pond
on the sun scorched siesta day
baking the primordial clay
the fly flying by saw the frog's eye
lightning tape from the mouth
struck-stuck the fly to die
went to the frog's belly
stink-pink like jelly
with other dead flies
quite smelly
the buffet with the entree
stacked up artistically on a tray
hinged legs with the feet webbed
taste like chicken or crab legs
all you can eat tonight, with Gallo wine
for nine-ninety-nine
the kid at dinner asked their mom
where did this rubbery knee come from?
why eat a once wriggly pollywog
like a frog?

3.6 10/10
© Brian Peter Hodgkinson    
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