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Take a Bow

the things in the now, the now in the now
the higher self like the ocean and the sea
the cool rain is pouring on me

every thing in this second, i note and label
every dry crust and bouquet on the table
the higher singularity jireh now, nissi now

but don't look from me to noodle the how
the higher voice births the calf
breaks the cedars or divides the flames in half

God is only now and now is only of God
orbiting the sun on a blue marble is odd
if you don't first give God the nod

now is the doorway to the temple zone
the royal footstool and the celestial throne
we are not as a dog just thrown a bone

touch into the now, taste it as your own
siesta into the spit-second, hear the tone
so take a bow now, you are not alone

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© Brian Peter Hodgkinson    rhyme 
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