The Flutes of the Moon

22 Jun
not as if you missed my touch the kiss
not as if we were the hit and miss
our evening bath with tea candles rimmed
the dusky hours love's desires brimmed

remember cricket warmish moist the breeze
not as if we feared to dance by the trees
the water burbling by the river run
like diamonds shimmering in the sun

but now the nightfall the moon is full
the swollen tumescence yellow and dull
of crickets fiddling night birds singing love
on river bank leaned on a tree above

not as if we needed the river's song
of the sporting moon rippling along
the fireplace warmth within our breasts
within the brazen hearth of fluting breaths

Rhyme scheme: aabb ccdd eeff ggaa
Stanza lengths (in strings): 4,4,4,4,
Closest metre: iambic pentameter
Сlosest rhyme: couplets
Сlosest stanza type: tercets
Guessed form: heroic couplets

.07 9/7
© Brian Peter Hodgkinson    rhyme 
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