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Ditch Lily

short the spam of arms and legs
and head the eyes, so short
like a louse on a dog or bird feather of a sort
jumps high like a flea with a springing knee
the flesh dies to jerky to black earth ashes
the days the nights the hours years the sun the moon
did you see me? the seconds flee by, they float
eat the egg and liver, drink the breast milk
hunt and stab kill for meat of the animal with hair
breathing the air
tooth and tongue the food pyramid apex
make the large stone swath path for ruddy man
of the carts and cars coughing spewing oily fog
slamming the dog the cat the ibex
the rabbit the ground hog, roadkill like a dog
shortening the limbs the fingers & the spine
the pearly whites, the necrotic black bone
nipped the seat
that wines and dines on French cuisine
or smells the violet lavender at home
or pincers the rooster's pink comb
short the span of the orange ditch lily in the sun
short the run

6-21-2022  3.6 10/10
© Brian Peter Hodgkinson    
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