Open Me

16 Jun
open me

Listen to my silent cry within
tune out the noise to let the meaning in
drain my heart from love that leaves me dry
                  open me to feel you with a sigh

signify, my essence drifts again
catch it now, my thoughts burn within
Search for truth, all falls apart when
I leave behind to turn within

memories we made last fall
hundreds more, when I call
direct me to my real home
set me free from this roam

signify, I'll not drift again
catch it now, this restless within
Search for truth, all falls apart when
I leave it now, vision churns within

Drained from love that left me dry
                  open to feel again with a sigh

I'm lonely without you by my side
every night in silence I've cried
open to feel again, I'll not hide--
open to feel again, I must try
                   to feel you again by my side

This was written during a time of deep depression over a failed relationship fifteen years ago. I leave it without an edit though it is tedious to me - it came out of my immediate melodrama. 
© Brian Peter Hodgkinson    rhyme 
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