Bubble Attack

10 Jun
a twinge of pain in the chest
the throb below the center ribs
the speech-bubble in the head begins puffing up
flashing cardial attack surgery stroke clot aneurysm
the bubble helium grows and vibrates
like a monster of terror with fangs
of surgical knives
minions with white lab coats all in the bubbly head
bubble blowing up taut the pump speeds up
hear da-dum sloshing in the ears the tight bubble
with more horror language
breathing gasps the monsters of terror loom
sirens sounding coiling revolving in the head
ouroboros feeding on me sucking like spaghetti
chest and ribs thumping world dimming black
nose pins and needles strangulation
brain bouncing off bone walls screaming
the echo chamber hemmed in
this all began with a twinge in the chest
and the speech-bubble in the head
terror fuels more terror - then mountain of pain
xanax worstened this for me, but
sitting like siesta saying - let let
entering the now sanctum
kills the swallowing snake

.04 10/9
© Brian Peter Hodgkinson    
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