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Clown Hobby

A guy with the hobby of dressing like a clown
    Looked at clown costumes as just the play
Bought the shoes, the silks, and the red and white paints
    Children's birthday parties to make a buck
The gladsome his trademark Smile Mouth Chuck
    Chuck the dilettante with the grin of gold
His smiling mouth cheered both young and old
    In his mail, a guest pass to a clown guild house
Claiming to have an award for him to announce

    The house numbers on the card led him to a gate
Pitch night, the bell rung, he'd stand and wait
    The pranksters inside with the planned trick
They'd cut off Chuck's clown pants and a donkey tail stick
    But they shouldn't do this penny-wise they are crazy
Chuck also went 
                  by the birth title,

© Brian Peter Hodgkinson    
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