The Wall Blew Off Typing A Poem

05 Jun
April 16, 2007 - Monday
after an afternoon siesta
sitting the room write a poem
suddenly a gargantuan storm
shrieks moans berserk the wind
looking out the pane curiosity
pine trees dance the herky-jerky
side to side - dipping their butts
hide from those monster bumps!
hide curled in my air leak room
as its rage beats against the wall
blusterous thumps tweak my dread
their angry gloom is way ugly gray
crazed squall racers run - horizontal
boisterous chasers blasting icy sleets
spitting machine-gun drumming bb's
beat my glass, i shout Avant, leave!
queasy heart hardens cold before
this maniac - this evil thing lives!
off boards lurching possessed
down the avenues - stagger
drunken on a wild search,
and though unsaid, this
foul wintry nympho -
riled with a growl
the walking dead,
hungry whore
it died only
to revive

.08 10/10
© Brian Peter Hodgkinson    
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