The Chief

02 Jun
A dog was there, there was more, but a dog,
The chief, his name Chief ruled the yard front and back
Back was a valley of green, elephant-like leaves green

But no elephants, no, not in the valley, but monkeys
Some could ride elephant if they were there, but none
They just hid behind the ears like elephants, yes, hide

Guava like light green golf balls with crunchy seeds birds eat,
White out to plant new guava like the golf course in back
Golf hotel up the moon cratered road of ditches for cars,

The hotel of the malibu stork bone-legging around bald headed
Dubbed mr. hairy tufts of hair on the pink skin head eat the dead
Peep in the hotel windows, toms looking for dead scraps bones

Passion fruit juice after a duet bath, the voyeur mr. hairy
Bone-legging begging for a piece, the beef there smells old
Milimani home the chief awaits, sleeps on his back, the wicker chair

Front porch the dog in wicker legs
Up pink weiner show tongue lolls
Say hi to the Chief scratch - the belly watch out.

3.6 10/10
© Brian Peter Hodgkinson    
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