The Inside Look

30 May
home from the marines
looking for a job
the newspaper help wanted ads
looked for near to home

a funeral home ad
just a few miles down the road
light housekeeping
some mort assist work
piece of cake job

first day a load of telephone books
yellow pages
to put in every mortician room
going along swimmingly

open a mort room door
a naked woman
naked as a jay bird
more so
cranium top removed
breasts flopped to the sides
with a large y cut
innards removed
look in her cut ribbed breast cavity
cave like

she died being caught in an elevator
an opera singer
her dress caught in the door
elevator went up
she didn't - the strong dress broke her spine
and neck

first day on the job
see a millionaire woman less than poor
by the eyes
looking into her

4.7 8/5
© Brian Peter Hodgkinson    
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