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went down the carrollian rabbit hole last night
to slay a werewolf i just met from the west side
went after work for a midnight ride
and went not being sure about the goal
a blast from the past my old stomping grounds
the zoo near w25th street near the city bounds
nocturnal by my own portentous inner moil
the possessor of the lycanthropic scroll
dogged by the smell from my own fur and teeth
i went to maul bite and a liver eat
if yes, truth-telling with myself refreshing but unclear
a fellow infested beast may turn out to beast a dear
this late morning woke, body with carmine streaks
the memory howling howling the bloody shrieks

4.0 7/5
iambic pentameter, sonnet-like, couplet rhyme 
© Brian Peter Hodgkinson    rhyme 
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