24 May
a guitar was given to me last night
of good quality, but the body has a crack
from a room with a mattress with broken glass
from in a rundown apartment on w.25th

this by a five-foot woman cooking with gas
the bed sighted bedbugs needing a bomb
and on the kitchen counter were baush and lomb
a man in his eighties dozed on a couch

the lady screamed about a back-crawling roach
stiletto-fingered to a corner and said
if you want the dam useless thing, take it, then
it leaned in the shadows, a dusty guitar

exhibiting to me the birdhouse project she made
all covered with rhinestones and glitter arrayed
confessed to the priest next door her misdeeds
considering rehab to prevent further bleeds

with spandex suit, her hair up in stalks
abreast down the dark stairs and undid the locks
with the red door in the front, i went out to the car
in my hand is a buggy morris guitar

4.2 10/10
iambic pentameter, closest 
rhyme scheme = rima, 
stanza type = tercets 

© Brian Peter Hodgkinson    
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