Fly the Friendly Skies

16 May
i flew on lots of airplanes
with many airlines
klm (royal dutch)
sabena (brussels)
air france
kenya airways
saudi arabian
just to mention a few

pages were pasted in my passport
about five feet long when unfolded
me the world traveler

at first, i was motion-sick of flying
the takeoff and landings
once dutch-air belly-smacked so hard coming down
we bounced back into the air
chest in my throat

and no fan of turbulence
bouncing off of pressure-pockets
like a billiard ball
off the table bumpers
me white-knuckling

but something not to hear
in midair - "we're having technical difficulties"
and that happen going to mombasa
we were rerouted to entebbe uganda
delayed overnight, but safe

once i was in line to board
a plane
the line was moving
in fact,
not moving

the ticket taker was red-faced
when people asked
what's the holdup

hours passed
people grumpy
i was worn out too

finally an airline rep announced
the flight canceled because of technical
the people in line almost rioted with

but me
cool as a cucumber
i was happy
--glad not get on a flight
with technical difficulties
to find out too late
in the air

same with relationships
if the wheels come off in the preliminary phase
--the siesta honeymoon phase
be grateful you weren't up in the air
with the ring on

3.7 10/10
© Brian Peter Hodgkinson    
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