12 May
i go forth today
by the wind
that rustles the yellow-green leaves of red maples
launching helicopter seeds

in the grinning sun that pep-talks growth
fought from the springtime soil
--from me
and all the living

i go forth today
as seen part of the star strewn green plan
under cirrus blue skies
laid-back as the slow melding clouds

i go forth today
centered in this siesta tick
cut off from the early screenings
waving bye
to the flow burbling into the past

so i go forth today
with eyes to see a tree
skin to shiver the hand brushing against my cheek
tongue to savor the vanilla and nutmeg in eggnog
ears to listen to outre fringe jazz
and a nose to sniff coffee and lavender
the five senses
and a sixth of my
present-centered foothold
in this inst
i go forth

5.0 10/10
© Brian Peter Hodgkinson    
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