Blood Sport

06 May
the bloodlust for war
is skin tight to the hominoid primate
as hemoglobin to bone

the dusty tomes of history
tell of war without a truce
the cadaver faces of war's murder
from the worm-eaten pages
Eisenhower and his militaryindustrialcomplex
spoken of in the nineteen fifties
with the cold war from the oddment of World War Two
still staring at us
from the prior KGB
hockey player's beady eyes

the cerebrum-bubbled primate rages
over ownership of the nut groves
access to the larder and cheese basket
the braggingrights for the title "superpower"
or the hole-in-one at Mar-a-Lago

the mini-mice positivegreenphilosophy wokencrew
haven't got a clue lennonimagining their ideas of shangrila
and share-and-share alike
meanwhile, the hairy monster gorilla
Sorrows-like oligarch powerbrokers are hungry cannibals
bone clubs in hand seal-clubbing boneheads
to make ducksoup
their credentials are war criminal
sickle and hammers for whac-a-mole
gazillion dollar sport

2.8 10/10
© Brian Peter Hodgkinson    
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