Wild Child

04 May
Wild Child
i was a wild little elf child
romping on eight acres of land
lake and forest
my elvin-eyes filled with magic

the owner of a childhood idyllic home
named cherry brook
in the late 1950's
dad and mom built up
a house refurbished
from a dilapidated 1800's barn
situated on
eight acres of untamed sugar-bush forests
with old wagon trails crisscrossing the woods
hung with grapevines

dad also dredged a lake and built a dock
to dive and fish from filled with bluegill, catfish, and frogs
turtles, ducks, snakes, muskrat, and heron
i was part of the wildlife just in my back yard
here, nature's drama was constantly unfolding
and i ran as untamed as the land

of an elfin wood-lore spirit
hopping rocks down gurgling ravines
catching crayfish and salamander barehanded
climbing trees and shaving my own spears
making my own sling from leather bootlaces
lord of my enchanted world
with my tawny german shepherd,

resembled the renowned rin-tin-tin
playing with the little boy half his size
lolling his slobbery tongue
smiled licking my dirty face til i threw
sticks he chased and chewed to straw
til his gums bled

next to me, maj ran, grinning
in our wild outdoor freedom,
the guardian like a mother bear with the cub
killed snakes whipping them side to side
in his wolfish teeth
before i met copper head
or water moccasin

we were easy
whether i pretended
to be an indian or cowboy or spaceman
i could be anything, and shapeshifted
leaping along in the forest

for i was a scrubby little woodland creature 

4.6 10/10
© Brian Peter Hodgkinson
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