Nightmare of May 2007

04 May
this is my nightmare of the day when
earth drained of all things natural
the machine-chipped-primates

self-determination given the electric chair for insubordination
diversity mixed into a flat gray smoothie
personal risk quarantined in a padded lockdown cell
yahweh buddha and allah dubbed as duping dunces

the new-science cdc wedded
as the true-faith of the hive-state
long live the savior laboratories
inoculating the masses with chipped tats sixsixsix
journalists the cronies spinning on the web
for the new colorful jab

people scanner-trained
to goosestep in lockstep lemming-like

all in the same direction wearing
same putty-face expressions voting
same politicians sporting
the same colored hair jabbering about
same ideas saying
the same echoing noises listening to
the same silicon-chip post-music
the day the music died

many let themselves get the back-of-neck plug-in
the machine now their matrix surrogate meta ai brain

people scared stiff to dance unfettered like the harlequin
not wanting to be correct if others were wrong
to be light if others were dark
terrified of being different
fearing the all-seeing-eye bogey-gov't
capitulating to mate with it

the siesta of the machine had fully arrived
the beast spoke like hal without
a flesh and blood voice

art and poetry then died with comedy
unless sanctioned
by the technocratic dept-of-true-wet-ware

engineered device probed existence
became the new hope of 'nonbinarykind'
the cleansed-wiped-hacked hominoid
evilutionary leap

i awakened in a sweat
wrote this down in may

-0.6 10/10
© Brian Peter Hodgkinson 
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