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Feather Touch

i stand and stare on this conch-strewn beach
the rolling sea
the seagulls seem hollow in my thoughts
left dry
like a sunburned shell

i dropped anchor for you in wide waters
like a breached galley
capturing me with your face
yet also held me at bay
above board as fellow sailors
as an enclose haven

so made was i to be
the man you sought out
and my furnace for you found no stoke
enough to boatswain your masts
but you had to depart for the siesta
beneath the sea

i plan to cross for you aft
and not stop searching leeward for you
our parting was a saber
as your ship set sail
our teardrops mingled like blood
handkerchief waving that fair winds

like the sea
quiet or in rage,
then your voyage met a nor'easter storm
gulping your ship into the maw
you did not reach the imagined door
my sight grew dim

i cannot hear inside my echo
you are in the lock
the beach breakers still roaring
your grin
far too permanent to be held
in that dark beneath
buoying me
when feather
touching the barnacled hand in mine

4.4 10/10
© Brian Peter Hodgkinson    
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The Inside Look

home from the marines
looking for a job
the newspaper help wanted ads
looked for near to home

a funeral home ad
just a few miles down the road
light housekeeping
some mort assist work
piece of cake job

first day a load of telephone books
yellow pages
to put in every mortician room
going along swimmingly

open a mort room door
a naked woman
naked as a jay bird
more so
cranium top removed
breasts flopped to the sides
with a large y cut
innards removed
look in her cut ribbed breast cavity
cave like

she died being caught in an elevator
an opera singer
her dress caught in the door
elevator went up
she didn't - the strong dress broke her spine
and neck

first day on the job
see a millionaire woman less than poor
by the eyes
looking into her

4.7 8/5
© Brian Peter Hodgkinson    
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Freckle Face

from bugs bunny saying whats up doc
siesta down rabbit holes to carrot a tan
break from the head the musty lock
like a dog off the rope and out for fun

surprised by the hair you dyed from the rust
with purple and frizz green blends curled young
the freckles reminding the orange-red of the head
to sing of your magnetic face like the sun

from sighing at you with the utmost eye
dressed in the skirt pleated cream-white
you invited me in to voyeur spy
gaga with your charis style

with kabuki moves so fluid - mystique in the smile
the fingers, hands, wrists, and arms arching flex
beguiling with hips, the legs, waist, and sway
eavesdropping on you better than specs

3.8 10/10
iambic pentameter, rima rhyme, tercets 
© Brian Peter Hodgkinson    rhyme 
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The River Overlook

the attention of riveted eyes
from behind of the spectator's look
to behold the ravine in the anchoring you
of unzipped it inside the attired
to the looking agasp is exposed
the supine with the jeans to arouse
the observing of river between
from behind of the spectator's look

iambic pentameter, limerick, tercets, blank verse 
© Brian Peter Hodgkinson    
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Oak Tree Eyes

beneath the oak's romancing kiss
addicted lips adhere caress

the leaves with eyes observe the pair
across the street the neighbors stare

applauding shout to get a room
the nature noises barely heard

impassioned couple's fire vroom
beneath the oak's romancing broom

iambic tetrameter, couplets, tercets 
© Brian Peter Hodgkinson    rhyme 
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to mossy rooftop to tree filled yard
all confetti with leaves and seeds
around the grass the timber fence
next door the golfers ride their carts

beyond this tangle-wood walnut trail
toward the lake wood snow-belt town

survey the warming earth in bloom
the maple tree helicopter seeds whirl
the apple trees flowering in may
with fluffy pink petals up and down the street

the look out my second-floor window glass
as i from my cold shower pass
in this overgrown forest cottage home
reflecting how long

3.5 10/10
sonnet with iambic tetrameter or irregular meter, no rhyme 
© 5 minutes ago, Brian Peter Hodgkinson    
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a guitar was given to me last night
of good quality, but the body has a crack
from a room with a mattress with broken glass
from in a rundown apartment on w.25th

this by a five-foot woman cooking with gas
the bed sighted bedbugs needing a bomb
and on the kitchen counter were baush and lomb
a man in his eighties dozed on a couch

the lady screamed about a back-crawling roach
stiletto-fingered to a corner and said
if you want the dam useless thing, take it, then
it leaned in the shadows, a dusty guitar

exhibiting to me the birdhouse project she made
all covered with rhinestones and glitter arrayed
confessed to the priest next door her misdeeds
considering rehab to prevent further bleeds

with spandex suit, her hair up in stalks
abreast down the dark stairs and undid the locks
with the red door in the front, i went out to the car
in my hand is a buggy morris guitar

4.2 10/10
iambic pentameter, closest 
rhyme scheme = rima, 
stanza type = tercets 

© Brian Peter Hodgkinson    
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went down the carrollian rabbit hole last night
to slay a werewolf i just met from the west side
went after work for a midnight ride
and went not being sure about the goal
a blast from the past my old stomping grounds
the zoo near w25th street near the city bounds
nocturnal by my own portentous inner moil
the possessor of the lycanthropic scroll
dogged by the smell from my own fur and teeth
i went to maul bite and a liver eat
if yes, truth-telling with myself refreshing but unclear
a fellow infested beast may turn out to beast a dear
this late morning woke, body with carmine streaks
the memory howling howling the bloody shrieks

4.0 7/5
iambic pentameter, sonnet-like, couplet rhyme 
© Brian Peter Hodgkinson    rhyme 
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you have been on my mind of late
yes you
our tryst that night, the lobster dinner date
with your diamond jewelry and leopard print dress
invited me - out of the blue - for the rendezvous
and i
in love with you still frustrated by your wayward eyes
were always my catnip the unquenchable
consuming my insatiable need
the night i came into the restaurant with you
a man
- i
approaching slowly watching your eyes with his
the same coy look that reeled me in on your face
already i had lost you - but not true
allow it, we were the absolute best for one on one
undid me as none other could have done
were drunk on sangria, your aphrodisiac of choice
led me to your hotel room that paws night

iambic trimeter, shakespearean sonnet
© Brian Peter Hodgkinson    
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Flat Screen

don't usually go to bars
in mayfield the sports bar and thirsty
named the horny hound
or close to that
went in
for an ice cold coke
walked in sat down
the wall panel televisions
360 all around
with basketball football you name the sport
but on one
the footage from ukraine
with black body bags being heaved in a trench
a few watched that tv
most ignored it
the network switched to something else
a couple behind me
the man said he was into the steak deal
ten dollar sirloin
she'd get the cob salad with roast beef
didn't finish the coke,
and drove home
sick to the pit

© Brian Peter Hodgkinson    
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