The Sucker

30 Apr
i found myself hooked on the casino
cleveland didn't have gambling for the longest
northeastern holierthanthou
with their antisin crusades
the same old song and dance
kept mgm at bay

but then the horseshoe took over the old higbees building
texas holdum
blackjack and floors of ding ding singing slots
at first
i stuck my snot nose up at the mess
saying that the tripe weren't for me
but a friend took me to the buffet and while we waited
for seating
put a quarter in a machine
lining them all up
gave me
two hundred and fifty bucks made my day

night after night pressing buttons looking for ladyluck
to smile on me again
i won a lot and lost more
a blast
but hard on my wallet over three years
in the hole about ten thousand at least
but awarded diamond membership
parking and casino perks
teasing me
to live in the joint

a man i met at microcenter
salesman i saw night after night too
he looked older and older to my eyes
sucked dry of his
sales commissions grew a beard
looking rough and unkempt

i feltsorry for him until i looked in the mirror
and looked rough like him
with crazy eyes
he died after a year
i stopped going
lost my diamond membership
so i wouldnt

2.5 10/10
© Brian Peter Hodgkinson 
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