Crazy Haunted John

28 Apr
john drank beer
smelled like a brewery
we walked from the highway
to the fish sanctuary
at captain cooks monument
on the bigisland of hawaii
near the plantations for kona coffee

we snorkeled looking at zebra fish
angelfish starfish kaleidoscopic colors
saw a spotted openmouth wideeye creature staring up
from rocks on the kealakekua bay's ocean bed

john the former marine drunk nutcase
three-prong speared the staring head
part of a hidden eight-foot snakelike body wrapping
around the shaft of the spear
snapping to bite him

in the end crazy john killed it and cooked it on shore
with breadfruit and coconut delish
like roast chicken (though feeling guilty, i tasted it)

but the ghost of the moray eel
together with captain cook's barnacled shade
and numerous hawaiian deity haunt
crazy john the rude beer drinker with the DTs
biting him in the arse
for unhallowing their sanctuary

4.3 10/10
© Brian Peter Hodgkinson    
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