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a tanned boy in brown trunks on the beach
like a dead fish washed up on the shore
a few people standing around stare
at a boy dead from surfing
hit the breakwater wall
on the beach flat
young face statue-still
body bronzed well-muscled
looked at by the blase
scratching their heads
most vacationers just walk on by
shutting out the scene from their eyes
shaking their heads
takes the police an hour to arrive
pick up the beach litter
put the stiff in a truck
expressionless faces
the print of the boy in the sand

russia put many corpses on the ground today
so did ukraine
lifeless bleached dolls litter the ground
dressed in slacks and leather shoes
hands tied behind their backs
blood-prints in the shape of nameless bodies
thrown in trenches
some onlookers scratch their heads
some shake them side to side
all walk away

2.8 10/10
© Brian Peter Hodgkinson
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