Nut Wars

24 Apr
on day ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ of the squirrel war
tensions tween the gray squirrels 
and the black 
a chisel-toothed head

this nut-war hopped up 
by the sinister 
black squirrel leader nutpin  

the proverb 
among the squirrels- 

things that just don't stop-   
nutpin as leader of the blacks   

the black squirrels ambushed the grays 
cutting them off from 

their nut caches
and cannibalize many
like the reds do  

the gray leader fuzzytailskyy 
once breaking the acorns 
of gray gatherings 
a bucktoothed chattering card

now their leaping squeaker  

the two hundred and eighty 
clans of squirreldom 
hop that

the gray leaders 
were liars for years  

the early shadow of 
he steals from the blacks
caches of acorn and chestnut 

acting on siesta to hide food
for the clan 

but just a shyster for himself

now he's looked at as a rodent martyr

with the squeaking art
as of
the tree-nibbling squeaker squirrelhill 

the grays 
have a club-of-haterrodents 

the twisted tail 
rat asses plan to sabotage 
all the nongray 

they bite the whole 280 fur shades of

they chatter of gray-rule

squeaking out haterrodent jingos 
of an all gray 

walking all their eighteen toes  
like the geese web along   

fuzzytailskyy chattered
from the large chestnut tree 

he gave extra 
to the club-of-haterrodents
a hair-brained hound-dog alliance
to attack nutpin 

this sour squeak of fuzzy's 
should have electrified the tails and 
pricked straight up 

the whole two hundred and eighty
of the squirrel alliance   

yes, nutpin the black
the nut hungry rat-assed-rodent 
bass turd 

but the gray leader fuzzytailskyy
gave nutty gifts 
to the club-of-haterrodents

faraway red 
and white squirrel cousins gave nuts 
to the club of rats also 

their toes caked with rat droppings too
a shared off-fence 

against all 
the squirrel and chipmunk

even some squeak 
the gray club-of-haterrodents
cannabalize their gray comrades 

to pin 
the black pawed hind feet on nutpin

4.6 10/10
© an hour ago, Brian Peter Hodgkinson 

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