Snip Knots

22 Apr
the sunny porch
book in hand the eyelids droop
siesta snore

looking up at all
    the green growing things

below the black-eyed susan
      like sun spots
by the purple hibiscus

ahead to the left

three trees

i've seen them for years
didn't under stand 

maple trees
you'd not guess

ivy has coiled the trunks like leafy boa constrictors

buddha said two things
make the world full of unsatisfactoriness
i cling,
i push -

i felt like
taking the ladder and big scissor shears
and snipping
the ivy from the host maples

the poor things can't take their gorgeous
out to play

but the job nipping off those green ropes
a bone-headed errand

as with all people

4.4 10/10
© Brian Peter Hodgkinson
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