The Night Writer

21 Apr
sleepless as a vampire into the kitchen
to snag a numnum not even hungered for

ice cream cookies monster drinks diet dr pepper
chocolate-cream-filled-cupcakes pecan pies beef jerky
gummybears chex-mix the list multiplies
full of weird
laboratory chemicals that churn and burn
in my gut all night
fitful sleep with hieronymus bosch
visuals stabbing pitchforks in my apple belly

at night found myself retching head
ringed in the porcelain bowl
regurgitating everything the house of mirror ghoulies
commanded me earlier to bolt down
then grimacing tablespoons
of bicarbonate of soda for the big gross burp

but now only perrier with a hint of lime
clicking the keyboard noodling
the old imps still whisper but put my index fingers the sign of the cross
get hind me

the sop for a clear head and exorcized snooze

4.0 10/10
© Brian Peter Hodgkinson
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