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Tea Candle Teardrops

the lilac tea candles
in the bathroom on the john
are tokens of the teardrops
from the bathtub they burned on

and that spray of ivy hanging
from the candelabra on the wall
with pictures of dark brown oak leaves
reflect you and to me call

our christmas tree is stripped now
without the tinsel and the balls
lies naked by the hall door
mistletoe kisses it recalls

the coffee maker sleeping
all cold and empty too
but still is full of coffee grounds
the siestas roused with you

when i sprawl out and try to sleep
on the wooden queen-sized bed
the smell of you potpourris the sheets
your absence fills my head

our life was cruelly shortened
when you left that squalling day
the roads were dense and icy
if only you had stayed

*edited from an earlier version

4.7 10/10
© Brian Peter Hodgkinson
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