21 Apr
she asked to go to vegas for the works
once a newyork model like twiggy not weighing
over hundred pounds in her life
blond smartypants dad an astrophysicist
loaded with millions but didn't let on

air tickets and room deal the shatner line seven hundred bucks
jacuzzi the works planet hollywood miraclemile mall
she shopped for nighties at fredriks spent a mint ten strings

a bottle of hypnotik blue stuff, gave me the fashion show
more of the blue stuff she passed out on the third red silk g-string
light weight,

left her went down to play siesta slots drank coronas with limes
chewed churchill cigars lining the cherries the blaring bonuses
4hrs lost my tail but was astroboy
then the nosedive down the creditcard
warning buzzing belowlimit, just one more win just one more

worsethanbroke, came back to room
snuggled up she gagged
retched puked

shouted you stink - that was the end of
the vegas elvis-bells weddingplan

saved by the stink

1.9 10/10
 © Brian Peter Hodgkinson
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