The Notary Stamp

20 Apr
buzzed with the text
i'm downstairs the rear parking lot
(by the carports and dumpster)
stomping down three flights
to the rear building door
the green saturn parked
she's sitting sidesaddle on the metallic
green hood
shortshorts reveal
she's all dressed in black
black eye makeup
hair die
black lacy skin tights
a black irish tam tilted rebel on the hair
looking saucy (leo roar down boy)
she drove from indiana to ohio 6hrs for a
divorce papers notary stamp
eyes piercing as a rattlesnake
orders me to look for the notary now
no overnight no camp out
no hankypanky no ideas
but she's parched from a 90 degree drive
i say to her that icecold bud pegs
frosty in the fridge
climbing the stairs to the apartment
she's saying i'm not kidding no hanky..
the lips lock clothes ripped off sweaty siesta
the notary would wait

3.3 10/10
© Brian Peter Hodgkinson 
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