Pitted Dates

20 Apr
ah, the dating scene
me, green out of form old as dirt
but like the usedcar soaped window
my profile said clear, not for 1-night stands
most didn't read the profile
so i jumped in with all three legs
the cell phone buzzing like a wild thingumabob
date after date meeting at the wine bar
met a lady at mcdonalds once, she cool
but most ordered the posh winebar
bunch of winos i don't drink the swill
but to find a partner i drank some of the rotgut
met a voluptuous lebonese she cooked me kibi
made me parsley tabbouleh flatbread, orthodox catholic girl
baklava for dessert and assorted sweets
she said i the only man for her
picture the tailed dress but only three dates
scared, did that gig - a pig in a poke
leaving quick, dropped my cell on her tree lawn
i drove back and searched with a sick stomach
said she didn't find
bought a burner replacement
but she called every woman on that old phone
she lied-found-snooped
warned them i was a two-timing bastid mf
the burner buzzed like crazy from the angry she-hornets
singing her poison - the spitting vomit (?)
but asking for dates

4.7 10/10
© Brian Peter Hodgkinson
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