The Sentry

20 Apr
The Sentry
the garden rabbit made of stone
she, a green thumb
that's her rabbit
the sentry over the lavender and chives
the hyacinth and chinese elm
she planted with mint and kale
while she dug and puttered
fertilized and primped
but stone-ears still sitting guard
over the crabgrass and mallow
sandbur and shepherd's purse
quackgrass, black medic & pigweed
for the gardener's been planted 5-years now
she, the larger seed with the bigger sentry

1.8 10/10
©  Brian Peter Hodgkinson 

Posted by on April 20, 2022 in Poetry


2 responses to “The Sentry

  1. Bridgette

    April 20, 2022 at 11:19 pm

    Such a delightful poem!


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