The Bohemian Needs A Maid

19 Apr
wearing oversize yellow latex gloves
hands in the air like a surgeon for an
the house spring cleaning
self flagellation for the slob
the cooking pots in the kitchen sink
filled with water and two-month-old
food bait growing sea monkeys in the ripe odor
look in the mirror tonguelash the dirty bastid
sardine oil in the kitchen wastebasket
and i have come to this fishy life
the acrid smell of toilet bowl scale
the film like skin growing on a new species
the mice were around sniffing for peanut butter
on knives spread the and jelly sandwich weeks back
after 1 or 2 things half ass done
lay down in the crumby sack scratching
siesta for a new poem

3.5 10/10
©Brian Peter Hodgkinson 
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