Written Stone Cold

15 Apr
ask my self
what would i like inscribed
on my gravestone?
here lies a an egg with a tat
and nose ring?
trimmed the fat
lost sixty five pounds in four months?
(but bones are pretty thin too)

won the losvegas headliner
and a million bucks on agt?

a blue donkey
but didn't rock the boat
but just kinda floated along with the crowd
smiled everybody a mr niceguy

or campaigned door to door as the
donkey ambassador redfaced by the elephant

went to church, temple, mosque --
um (throat clearing) a few times

here lies the he-man lifted tons of weight
ate atkins carnivore called sugar white poison
sported the 6-pack abs?
(now a keg)

stopped eating dead animals munching on kale
and tofu burgers with kombucha and kimchi?

or went viral on tiktok
billions of followers
in the headlines for a while
the big stage spotlight?

how about you writing on that stone
saying you were dope crispy cool?
here lies a billionaire?
swam with the sharks?
did you walk on the moon?
to outer space with space x?
college student president?
or even commander and chief?

are these epitaphs for you?
in a few brief years,
these things won't matter.

the only inscription for me is finger written in blood

4.3 10/10
© Brian Peter Hodgkinson 
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