Silky Smooth Vanilla Candles

15 Apr
vanilla candles 
my eyes were handles
luring to the chains
sucking blood she drains

drank the blue hawaii
unclothing the boundary
sucking she consumes
bound in rope costumes 

the story falls short
the gory details to report
gave all for shades of gray 
but with the skin would have to pay

with her silk she wound me tight
I struggled in half-light 
thread wrapped into a pod
smothered with her bod

spending till all spent
our appetites were bent 
down to the red cent
the trance-like torment 

if her food would squirm
this made her anger burn
me again to sting
a puppet on a string

more venom in the vein
benumbing now the brain
liking all her mates
every one she ate

to the last bite
frozen in their flight 
caught in her web
the 8-eye's silken bed

1.3 8/5
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Posted by on April 15, 2022 in Poetry


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