Stalked at Three

11 Apr
fold out the couch with three inch
pad on metal- my doghouse bed
horizontal to sleep

breathing deeper
begin to drift off..
snort zzzz staccato snore mumble gibberish
the signal to the cat, tinga
tinga = shaky in swahili
from the rescue
she shook as a kitten

she moves in the dark shadows like a ghost
(me with an eye cracked)
stealthy, two slanted green eyes
shining in the dark,
…wait for it— wait …
pounce– clonk… onto my solar plexus
her shining eyes looking down in mine
like a vulture
the same cat-trick
every evening
but she often lands on my face
and nips my cheek

she proceeds to walk up and down,
taking a stroll
on my pot belly
to find a squishy spot to sleep on
dancing, dancing,
paws up and down
kneading my body
like pilsbury doughboy
if i shoo her, she begins
the whole number from the top

walks my back too
her claw-retracted paws
like a masseuse,
the cat healer

but after she curls up
next to me
too hot
throw her off--

shining green eyes

3.2 9/8
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